3D shape template generation from RGB-D images capturing a moving and deforming object


Automatically reconstructing a 3D shape model of a nonrigid object using a sequence from a single commodity RGB-D sensor is a challenging problem. Some techniques use a 3D shape template of a target object; however, in order to generate the template automatically, the target object required to be stationary. Otherwise, a non-rigid ICP algorithm, which registers a pair of point clouds, can be used for reconstructing 3D geometry of a non-rigid object directly, but it often fails due to the ambiguity in point correspondences. This paper presents a method for generating a 3D shape template from a single RGB-D sequence. In order to reduce the ambiguity in point correspondences, our method leverages point trajectories obtained in the RGB images, which can be used for associating points in different point clouds. We demonstrate the capability of our method using deforming human bodies.

Electronic Imaging