Textual description-based video summarization for video blogs


Recent popularization of camera devices, including action cams and smartphones, enables us to record videos in everyday life and share them through the Internet. Video blog is a recent approach for sharing videos, in which users enjoy expressing themselves in blog posts with attractive videos. Generating such videos, however, requires users to review vast amount of raw videos and edit them appropriately, which keeps users away from doing so. In this paper, we propose a novel video summarization method for helping users to create a video blog post. Unlike typical video summarization methods, the proposed method utilizes the text, which is written for a video blog post, and makes the video summary consistent with the content of the text. For this, we perform video summarization by solving an optimization problem, in which an objective function involves the content similarity between the summarized video and the text. Our user study with 20 participants has demonstrated that our proposed method is suitable to create video blog posts compared with conventional methods for video summarization.

Proc. 2015 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo