Extracting intentionally captured regions using point trajectories


When camera persons take videos with mobile video cameras, they usually have capture intentions, i.e., what they want to express in their videos, and there are intentionally captured regions (ICRs) in the video frames that are essential for the capture intentions. Extracting ICRs is thus beneficial for wide range of applications such as video summarization and video adaptation for small displays. In this paper, we present a novel method for automatically extracting ICRs. A camera person usually moves his/her camera so that ICRs can be arranged in appropriate positions in video frames; therefore, ICRs can yield specific motion. This observation indicates that such specific motion is a vital cue for extracting ICRs. The proposed method represents motion by point trajectories, which are long-term trajectories of spatially dense points in video frames, and extracts ICRs using an ICR model based on the point trajectories. We experimentally evaluate the proposed method to demonstrate its potential applicability.

Proc. 19th ACM International Conference on Multimedia (ACM MM)