Augmented reality image generation with virtualized real objects using view-dependent texture and geometry


Augmented reality (AR) images with virtualized real objects can be used for various applications. However, such AR image generation requires hand-crafted 3D models of that objects, which are usually not available. This paper proposes a view-dependent texture (VDT)- and view-dependent geometry (VDG)-based method for generating high quality AR images, which uses 3D models automatically reconstructed from multiple images. Since the quality of reconstructed 3D models is usually insufficient, the proposed method inflates the objects in the depth map as VDG to repair chipped object boundaries and assigns a color to each pixel based on VDT to reproduce the detail of the objects. Background pixel exposure due to inflation is suppressed by the use of the foreground region extracted from the input images. Our experimental results have demonstrated that the proposed method can successfully reduce above visual artifacts.

Proc. 2013 IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR)